About Janine Price

Health and Wellness


Janine’s personal journey of recovery from illness began with her use of exclusive aloe vera products that produced amazing results for her. Since then she has become a Welsh athletics run leader and is the founder of the award winning group Blaenau Gwent Sole Sisters, a local group that has been instrumental in helping people achieve their own health and wellness goals. She is a business coach, an active fundraiser for Velindre & The Psoriasis Association and is a passionate advocate of the healing benefits of aloe vera

About Helen Hughes & Somatic Movement


Gentle Somatic Movement involves a series of exercises that reconnect the brain with the muscular system so that you can let go of tightness and tension in the body.

​If you would like to have a session with Helen at the event, you will need to wear comfortable clothing to experience the floor based movements.  Mats and props will be provided. 

About Kathy Newman IPHM

Amazing Life Balance, Naturally

Through having Fibromyalgia and now being symptom free, I empower women to embrace their health and wellbeing through exploring natural alternatives to true lasting healing. Kathy specialises in chronic pain and health & hormones through doTERRA Therapeutic Essential Oils, Reiki/Reconnective Healing and Lifestyle Coaching

About Anna De Sousa

​Counselling & Integrative Arts Therapy


Integrative Arts therapy is about engaging the senses and expressing who we are where words alone may be limiting. It can help us reconnect with our inner wisdom, joy and playfulness using different art forms such as movement, music, painting, and clay.  

About Karen Fratesi Moir

​Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist


Hypnosis is completely natural and works quickly to heal and transform old patterns and beliefs.  Hypnotherapy will help guide you to achieve your goals with healing techniques customised for your personal needs.

About Elsa Cleminson

​Elsa's Essentials


​Bringing nature and healing into jewellery is my passion. The use of silver, gemstones and powerful essential oils with diffuser beads inspires by creativity.   With every piece unique. 

About Kate Cook

​Positively Good Nutrition

Nutrition & Health Coach


​Through my own work and life experiences, I've learnt first hand how making good nutritional choices can improve health and wellbeing. I can show you how nourishing foods and lifestyle changes can help you regain balance in order to achieve optimal health.

About Nicola Schramm

​Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist


Collaborating with Kate Cook through 'FOOD FOR THOUGHT', combing nutrition and health coaching with hypnotherapy, a powerful combination.


About Julian Jenkins - Medium

Helping people along their spiritual pathway so they can find inner peace, remove self doubt and live a life with love, purpose and Clarity.

About Bex Parry


I am a Reiki Healer level 2 and Angel Healer as well as a Psychic Medium who reads tarot and oracle cards. I am also a Pilates and Yoga and Tai Chi Qigong instructor for 3 yrs. 


About Keiko Nakano & Steepologists


We are purveyors of Artisinal Green Tea and Matcha Tea, and source the highest quality tea from tea farms around Japan. We focus on selling high-quality matcha powder and loose-leaf teas and providing experiences that broaden your understanding of Japanese tea.


Let's Connect


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